About Us

Stem Cell Solutions of America was launched in 2016 under the direction of Dennis J. Courtney, MD.

At Stem Cell Solutions of America, we believe in protecting human life. This means two things. First, no embryonic cells or human fetuses serve as the source of our therapies. Growing medical advances prove that the human umbilical cord contains the richest source of stem cells.

Our stem cells are obtained from screened donors. These donors are healthy mothers who are screened for prenatal nutrition and communicable diseases, have scheduled C-section births, and pass a medical records examination. Following a successful and healthy birth, the immune privileged cells within the umbilical cord are aseptically harvested and sent to the processing facility to be processed for treatments.

The second part of protecting human life is our value to protect the quality of your life. Stem cell therapy provides the ability to naturally heal your body in a way that is non-invasive and more permanent than surgery and pills. If you knew you could restore someone’s life, return their health, and heal their body, would you?
We did, and we are Stem Cell Solutions of America.

Stem Cell Solutions of America was launched in 2016 under the direction of Dennis J. Courtney, MD.

About Dr. Courtney

Dr. Courtney started his career as a high school teacher, passionate about teaching and changing the trajectory of people’s lives from an early age.

He earned his medical degree from The Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico, and returned to Pittsburgh to begin specialty training in anesthesiology at West Penn Hospital, which he completed in 1986. Following his residency, Dr. Courtney split his time between the operating room and a newfound interest in managing patients in chronic pain.

Dr. Courtney invented the 3-Step Program to Regain Your Sight. He is the past Program Director of The Healing the Eye and Wellness Center in Zephryhills, FL, as well as the current director of Pittsburgh Eye Protocol in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dr. Courtney is actively involved in physician organizations that promote integrated medicine. He has sat on the Executive Boards of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine and the International College of Integrated Medicine.

He is also the host of a weekend, talk-radio program called “The Weekend Wellness Workshop.”